2014 round up…

Hey, Happy New Year! Hope you had a great Christmas. It’s been a bit quiet on here recently but all for good reason – 2014 was pretty busy…

Firstly, there was Better Beasts, a graphic novel proposal written by the multitalented Mark Pembrey and illustrated by moi. Based on the lives of early palaeontologists Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen, Beasts was well received by those who read it and even got on the long list of the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Competition! Mark is currently sprucing up the script for the next few chapters ready for me to resume artwork duties in early 2015!

Better Beasts pic

Following hot on the heels of Better Beasts there came a commission for Llangorse’s favourite son, the Afanc. The lovely people who organised the first Llangorse Lake Big Swim and Triathlon needed a mascot to feature on their racing t-shirts and prize medals, I was honoured when they chose my interpretation of their local legend for the job. Here are the two designs I submitted featuring our furry friend in action and below the final t-shirt (sorry about the creases) and medal!





Next up, character illustrations for crime writer extraordinaire Phil Viner. Earlier this year Phil launched a new website to coincide with the release of his second novel, Summer of Ghosts. He wanted the site to feature his lead characters drawn in a pulp, noir comics style. Here you can see Tom and Patty. The website in all its glory is here. And do check out Phil’s fantastic books, including The Last Winter of Dani Lancing.



And then the biggy, Think Like Churchill; an app that takes the form of a graphic narrative from the clever people at Touchpress (who hired me for the job of illustrator) and Hodder & Stoughton. If you own an iPad or iPhone, do give this thing a look. Using a mixture of comics and animation, the reader is taken through some of the biggest decisions Winston Churchill made throughout his life. At crucial points within the narrative the reader/user is asked what they would do in Churchill’s shoes! Some of my favourite illustrations from the app below. A big thank you to Touchpress for commissioning me and big shout out to all the great people I worked with over the past 5 months: Josie Gardiner (Producer), Ned Pennant-Rea (Writer/Researcher), Matt Aitken (Designer), Matt Gibbs (Editor), Warren Dockter (Historical Consultant) – you’re all amazing.



THINK LIKE CHURCHILL 1 Think Like Churchill images © Touchpress

So what’s coming in 2015? Well, I’ve just completed two extra chapters for Think Like Churchill so hopefully you’ll be seeing them soon. Then there’s more Better Beasts to come and possibly some other projects with Mark too! Oh…and I think it’s about time the Afanc made a come back…

…watch this space for updates!


I’m still here!

So it feels like I’ve been off radar again recently. I’m working on something top secret at the moment (hence the silence) but whilst that’s going on I thought I’d share some of my last commission: a series of illustrations for amazing Brighton based crime thriller author P.D. Viner.


Phil wanted some portraits of the major players in his stories, the most recent volume being Summer of Ghosts (out now!). These portraits are then going to feature on his website. They’re not up there yet so I thought I just a show these two for now, Dani and Jim.. hope you don’t mind Phil!



Better Beasts

page-1-first-panel page-2-panel-5 page-3-panel-1


Remember I said I’d been working hard? Well here are some sneak peeks at Better Beasts, a graphic novel I’m currently working on with Mark Pembrey. It’s all about the first palaeontologists and the bitter rivalry between them, in particular Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen. More pics and info to come soon. Oh, and as you might’ve already guessed, the stuff in pencil is yet to be inked but you get the idea!

Jammo a la mode.



A little bit of silliness I knocked up this morning instead of getting on with what I’m supposed to be doing. With apologies to all the great comic artists/illustrators out there who work in pencil.