Think Like Churchill

Think Like Churchill Trailer 2 from Touchpress on Vimeo.

Finally I can reveal the secret project that’s been keeping me quiet all these months! I’ve been illustrating an exciting new app from Touchpress all about the life of Winston Churchill. I won’t say anymore than that for now, just watch the video and sign up for more info here!

All artwork © Touchpress.

I’m still here!

So it feels like I’ve been off radar again recently. I’m working on something top secret at the moment (hence the silence) but whilst that’s going on I thought I’d share some of my last commission: a series of illustrations for amazing Brighton based crime thriller author P.D. Viner.


Phil wanted some portraits of the major players in his stories, the most recent volume being Summer of Ghosts (out now!). These portraits are then going to feature on his website. They’re not up there yet so I thought I just a show these two for now, Dani and Jim.. hope you don’t mind Phil!



Jammo reviewed!

My anthology comic collection Jammo has just had an amazing review in the Small Pressganged section of Broken Frontier! I’m really chuffed and just want to say a big thank you to Andy Oliver for writing such nice stuff about my work! He’s a top fella who writes loads of cool stuff about small press creators. You can read a particularly great one here.

More Beasts and another work in progress…











Unfortunately Better Beasts didn’t make the Myriad shortlist but Mark and I were still chuffed to get as far as we did. So onwards and upwards –  and in the meantime here are some more sneak peeks, plus another work-in-progress I’m in the middle of at the moment…


Exciting news for Better Beasts

Good news for Better Beasts, we’ve been longlisted for the Myriad First Graphic Novel Prize 2014! So here are some more randomly chosen panels to celebrate…

page-1-last-panel page-14-fifth-panel page-13-last-panels page-7-last-panel



Better Beasts

page-1-first-panel page-2-panel-5 page-3-panel-1


Remember I said I’d been working hard? Well here are some sneak peeks at Better Beasts, a graphic novel I’m currently working on with Mark Pembrey. It’s all about the first palaeontologists and the bitter rivalry between them, in particular Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen. More pics and info to come soon. Oh, and as you might’ve already guessed, the stuff in pencil is yet to be inked but you get the idea!

Jammo a la mode.



A little bit of silliness I knocked up this morning instead of getting on with what I’m supposed to be doing. With apologies to all the great comic artists/illustrators out there who work in pencil.

Blockbuster 3000



Sorry about the long patch of silence…been working hard. More on that to come. In the meantime, here’s a recent cartoon I did for Electric Sheep Magazine, the theme being convoluted film titles

Concept drawings…(new project alert)










Some concept sketches for an exciting new Victorian period project I’m working on with the super talented Mark Pembrey (with his writing hat on). Won’t say anymore for now except that there will be beasties in it…

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…I’ve finally got a shop!!! Hope you find something you like….