Exciting news for Better Beasts

Good news for Better Beasts, we’ve been longlisted for the Myriad First Graphic Novel Prize 2014! So here are some more randomly chosen panels to celebrate…

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Better Beasts

page-1-first-panel page-2-panel-5 page-3-panel-1


Remember I said I’d been working hard? Well here are some sneak peeks at Better Beasts, a graphic novel I’m currently working on with Mark Pembrey. It’s all about the first palaeontologists and the bitter rivalry between them, in particular Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen. More pics and info to come soon. Oh, and as you might’ve already guessed, the stuff in pencil is yet to be inked but you get the idea!

Jammo a la mode.



A little bit of silliness I knocked up this morning instead of getting on with what I’m supposed to be doing. With apologies to all the great comic artists/illustrators out there who work in pencil.

Blockbuster 3000



Sorry about the long patch of silence…been working hard. More on that to come. In the meantime, here’s a recent cartoon I did for Electric Sheep Magazine, the theme being convoluted film titles

Concept drawings…(new project alert)










Some concept sketches for an exciting new Victorian period project I’m working on with the super talented Mark Pembrey (with his writing hat on). Won’t say anymore for now except that there will be beasties in it…

Look to the top right of the menu on this webpage…



…I’ve finally got a shop!!! Hope you find something you like….

Thought Bubble this weekend! 23rd – 24th November

TB image

This weekend I’ll be exhibiting at Thought Bubble, the amazing annual comics festival in Leeds! I’ll be in New Dock Hall on both the Saturday and Sunday so do pop by and say hi if you’re planning on coming. I’ll be selling all the same goodies as at Comiket, including Brighton: The Graphic Novel! And if you buy a comic I might even give you a free badge…

New Afanc adventures…

..such as this one are happening over on afanc-comic.tumblr.com. So go sniff ‘em out!

Comiket this weekend!

I will be selling my wares again this Saturday 2nd November at the Comica Fall Comiket! For those who don’t know, the Comiket is an independent comics fair where indy comics publishers and small press people (like me!) get to sell their work. It will be held at Central St Martins College of Arts and Design near King’s Cross London.

Opening times: 11-7pm. Entry: TOTALLY FREE!

So do come down and say hi if you’re in town! Below are some preview pics of a new collected book of short strips I’ll be selling, Jammo. This 24 page bad boy will be selling for around £4 plus free gift…

I’ll also be selling copies of Brighton: The Graphic Novel and Afanc Issue 2!




Oh, and I’ve got badges too..



This month I have been…

..talking! These pics were taken at Quick Strips, a showcase of Brighton based cartoonists and general comics types, organised by the good people at Myriad Editions and Cartoon County. Each speaker was allowed a maximum of 6 minutes to talk about anything connected to their craft. Lots of fun and also very exciting to be on the same bill as big names such as Hannah Berry, Nye Wright, Hannah Eaton, Darryl Cunningham, Gareth Brookes and Joe Decie to name but a few! Thanks to my pals Ant and Becky for the photos.


…drawing! This is the cover art (prior to being scanned and coloured) for my new book currently being printed by the awesome Comic Printing UK. If you have a comics project that needs doing then give ‘em a shout! Should be on sale in time for the Autumn Comiket 2013


…drawing some more! This sketch of Magnus Volk and son Herman was part of a raffle at the Brighton: The Graphic Novel book launch. Yup, it’s finally landed and is on sale here. Trust me, it looks amazing.


…and finally, selling! Here is the QueenSpark stall for Brighton: The Graphic Novel at The Winter London Film and Comic Con this weekend just gone. It was a jolly good laugh with lots of celeb spotting, ‘guess the cosplay’ and we even managed to sell some books! I hope fellow Brighton GN artist Pete Katz doesn’t mind me posting this pic of him posing with the evil Empire…